Testing Services

Bria Research Labs, provides a variety of testing services that your company will likely require prior to launching your product. We can also prepare small batches of products to perform tests or utilize existing inventory products from your current manufacturing facility. These tests provide valuable data on the performance and stability of your products over long periods of time. Our goal is to provide comprehensive testing and technical services to keep your business strong and growing. 

Claim Substantion

In this competitive environment, it is essential to have powerful claims that an everyday consumer can easily understand, and it is equally important to have them differentiated from other similar products. Supporting product claims that can withstand scrutiny is a challenging activity that needs to be done before the product is introduced. We can generate data that can support your products from all others competing for the same business. Our Claims package includes support from published articles that provides a technical rationale, data generated on hair swatches and data from salon testing. We can also solicit opinions from consumers after using your products at home.  

Please contact us to discuss your testing needs!