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Product Development

Our mission is to partner with our clients to develop superior personal care products based on an in-depth understanding of consumer needs coupled with our extensive knowledge of hair and skin care formulation technologies.


Many companies wish to expand their current business into new categories, but do not have the in-house expertise to achieve their goals. Bria Research Labs enables companies to develop and introduce new products as well as conduct or supplement product testing and research without compromising your day-to-day operations.

We have expertise in the following three areas: 

1. Keeping your current brands healthy and profitable

  • Developing new line extensions-natural & organic formulations

  • Improving your current products performance 

  • Improving profit margins through low-cost alternatives 

  • Reformulation to replace problematic raw materials - no parabens, no sulfates

  • Conducting product stability studies

2. Developing new brands

  • Providing technical know-how in categories that are new to your business

  • Providing small to medium scale manufacturing to support your business

  • Collaborating with suppliers to develop new technologies and patentable ideas 

3. Helping you launch your own products

  • Working with you to create your own hair or skin care product formulations

  • Product manufacturing and filling for small to medium-sized production quantities 

  • Supporting your efforts through product launch and support thereafter 

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